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Jan. 24th, 2013 | 12:08 am

I decided to jump right into it and do our Day in the Life on Monday, the 21st as Pearce was starting a night shift this week and things get pretty hectic when he's on nights! I'm just getting around to posting it now as we've been busy.
It's very picture heavy, I wanted to do it right so I could remember what a day with Oz was like! I hope you'll stick it out to the end :D.

Oz and I got up around 3 a.m. for a feeding then headed back to bed

At 7:30 he woke up for another and seemed to be up for the day but I was still very tired so I put him back down in the crib with a pacifier in the hopes he'd fall back asleep. When I got back to my bedroom the bed was full of dogs so I laid down in the study for a snooze. Oz was having none of my ideas though and by 8:00 Pearce and the dogs and Oz were waking me up.

Good morning!
We snuggled for a while, as you can see I am still quite sleepy. Finally I get my butt up and Pearce takes Oz while I get dressed and brush my teeth. When I get back they are playing on the computer.
I decide it's a good time to get ready for the day so I put Oz in a new diaper and get him dressed.
By the time we are done I smell something delicious wafting from the kitchen so we go check it out. Pearce is making french toast - my favourite! I'm a lucky girl.
I forgot it was garbage day as Pearce isn't usually home on a Monday so he gets the garbage out while I keep an eye on breakfast. I put Oz in his exercauser for some morning fun.
I took a stroll by the living room window to get a look at the weather, and if you can believe it, it's sunny! It won't last, but more on that later.
When I get back to the kitchen Pearce is putting breakfast on the table! It was delicious
The munckin was still happy in his exercauser so I got to work on cleaning up the kitchen. I like it when Pearce makes breakfast but he is a messy chef. I got all the dishes done except the cast iron pan as it was still smoking hot.
At this point Oz started to fuss so I took him to visit daddy and I find a puppy pile on our bed.
We had a spicy pork and green chili stew for dinner on Monday and it needed a good 8 hours in the slow cooker so I whipped that up while Pearce kept the little man occupied.
After I got tidied up again I went looking for Oz. I found him playing on his play mat
These days he gets bored pretty quickly on it but he was doing ok so I left him there while Pearce and I made some final decisions about the bathroom.
We are painting and replacing the linoleum with tile. We went with the colour in the middle of the tile. Oz started crying so I went and grabbed him and Pearce did some measurements to make sure we had enough tile. We got it on clearance 3 years ago when we moved in and never used it lol.
After that it was time to hit the road! I got Ozzy bundled up to go. Off to the side you can see the quilt I made for Oz. Six months later and it's not quite done yet.
We headed over to a new outdoor rink one of the churches in town set up for the community. He fell asleep pretty quickly in the car. When we got there we realized it was not going to work out as a bitter north wind had picked up and it was frigid cold! So we did what any self respecting Canadians would do, we packed it up and headed indoors to the local arena!
There were about 3 other families so we had the run of the ice.
While we were out I got a call from the pharmacy saying my maternity vitamins were ready to be picked up, so we swung by to grab the prescription.
We arrived at Home Hardware and picked up our paint and new fixtures for the bathroom.
While we were there Ozzy woke up and started fussing. When we got home I realized the problem - he'd soaked through his diaper. This rarely happens so I put him in a new pair of pants and sat down to nurse him.
While Ozzy ate so did Pearce so I dropped off the munchkin in the basement so I could eat lunch in peace.
"Grrtoutamawayimwatchingtv" said the grumpasorous.
I had nothing fancy for lunch, just leftover cabbage, potatoes and meatloaf.
After that I decided to print off a recipe for Svestkove Knedliky. It's Czech fruit dumplings and apparently Pearce's favourite childhood dish. I am kind of flying blind and this one needs some fine tuning - I made it today and Pearce said it was good but I think I can do better.
While I am on the computer I swung by Just Mommies for a short visit.
Then I set the roomba to work on my living room and headed downstairs to check on the situation.
I found Oz watching TV.
As soon as he saw me he started fussing so Pearce scooped him up.
Then things got a little silly. This cow was mine as a child, my dad found it in some store when I was a baby while he was working as a truck driver.
I took Oz with me back upstairs so Pearce could watch TV. He played with his clown while I tidied up from lunch. He was occupied just long enough for me to get the dishes done.
I quickly realized he was tired so we headed into the study for a snuggle and some quiet time. He nursed to sleep and put him down in his crib. It didn't take however and he was up shortly after.
At this point he spit up on me so I put him back down to get changed and found a kitty in my bed.
I guess it was too cold outside for the cat. I put on my polar fleece and decided it was time for a walk. I gave Pearce's mom a call to see if she'd watch Oz while I walked the dogs, as Pearce was going to hockey soon, but she was at the gym which kiboshed my plan.
I changed Oz's diaper and we decided to sit down for some play time instead.
This is his favourite book, Horns to Toes and In Between. It's about monsters.
I busted out the cookie monster. Pearce makes an excellent cookie monster voice but he was still downstairs so Oz had to suffer through my weak impersonation.
Just then Pearce's dad arrived to pick him up for hockey
Grandpa left while Pearce put in his contacts and Ozzy took to watching Winston. Winnie was keeping a clear breadth of the nursery Monday afternoon after he got in big trouble for chewing up a toy earlier in the morning.
Winston left and Oz fell over and started playing with a new toy. This one's great, you can chew on it and play with it at the same time!
Oh! Suddenly he rolled. He's only rolled from front to back about 3 times.
And then he rolled again...
It's about 3:30 now and Oz is losing patience with playtime. I got out the alligator we got him at Gatorland when we were in Florida but it doesn't do the trick.
We pack up the toys and head out to the living room when SURPRISE! Pearce and his dad are standing in the driveway staring at the car. I'm confused and stick my head out the door. Turns out the weather is awful, they couldn't see the hood of the car once they got out of town and headed back in fears of getting stuck in Tiverton if the weather worsened.
Pearce takes Oz over to the piano for a little music while I got the dogs ready for a walk.
As you can see its getting pretty white outside....
It was snowing heavily so I put my camera back in the house. It's a shame as there were some nice pictures to be had as we walked along the lower beach road but I didn't want my camera to get too wet.

As you can see it doesn't look like we have too much snow there, we now have about two feet I'd say.
When we got back I put Oz in his exercauser while I packed up for swimming lessons! It was 4:30 by now so I nursed him and we headed out. By this time it was starting to get quite nasty even in town
Swimming was good. We dunked Ozzy under the water for the first time. I thought he was going to cry but he didn't and we did it a few more times and he was just fine! If I was there on my own I probably wouldn't have had the guts but Pearce used to be a lifeguard so he was fairly confident. Then we tried out life jackets so the babies could float on their own.

Ozzy is the youngest baby in the class. My friend's little guy is the next youngest then the rest of the babies are a fair bit older.

Grandma and grandpa decided to come over for dinner and grandpa got in a cuddle before I put the munchkin to bed. 

And that's that!

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